Welcome To Gary Caicott Photography


Gary Caicott Photo a wide variety of events such as parties, trade show, and corporate events. We also offer portrait photography. Gary Caicott and his team have experience in a variety of photography events. Our photographers are experienced, reliable and can handle any event photography at the best prices.

Gary Caicott Photo will creatively and thoroughly document your party, company event or other special occasions.

Here are the services that Gary Caicott Photo offer:

• party photography
• event photography
• portrait photography

Our experienced event photographers understand that taking photos is not enough, you need to make sure that it is memorable long after the event or the party.

With the Gary Caicott Photo, you won’t have to worry about the photography in your event, party or portrait since we will make sure that everything is into place. In this way, you will be able to focus on more pressing matters such as your convention, meeting or taking care of yourself during your portrait sessions. You will bel able to make sure that your corporate event, party or any photo session will stand out if you have a great photography team to back you up. Gary Caicott Photo has experienced staff that has more than enough experience to make sure that everything will go on without a hitch.

Gary Caicott Photo is lead by Gary Caicott himself and his team of professional photographers who can discretely capture everyone enjoying your hospitality and have fun. Let Gary Caicott Photo help make your personal or company event be special and memorable with our various photography services. Photos from your party or event can be a great way to thank you to your guest, staff, partners, clients and more for a good year. It can be a lasting gift with your brand.

There are actually a lot of people who think that by hiring just any photographer is enough. Though there are a lot of fantastic photographers out there, but with that in mind, do you have the assurance that they are reliable or up to the task. Gary Caicott Photo makes sure that our team of event photographers headed by Gary Caicott will arrive on time, properly dressed and ready to take the best photographs possible for your event. Once the team is at the location, they make sure that they are discrete and professional, making all of the guests feel comfortable and at ease. If your project needs larger studio space we partner up with Archer Imagery studios to make sure we can take care of any and all Perth Photography jobs.

When planning a party, event or even just a simple portrait session, your goal is to make it fun and memorable. It has to be special. This is why here at the Gary Caicott Photo, we offer special photography services that will suit all your different needs and requirements. Because of our experience, we not only offer a variety of exceptional photography services, but we offer one of the best rates as well. So make us your only option if you are looking for a professional and reliable team to cover your event. We are always here ready to make your party, event or special occasion much more memorable and lasting.